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All-in-one Human LncRNA qPCR Primer Sets

All-in-one Human LncRNA qPCR Primer Sets
Creative Biogene's qPCR primer sets are designed under the same parameters and requirements, ready-to-use, gene specific and sensitive quantification assays for qPCR applications. Our lncRNA qPCR primer sets containing validated reverse and forward qPCR primer in a flexible format which allows you to choose the one that best match your specific needs.
• Efficiency: Primer efficiency between 90% and 110%, guaranteed by our strict experimental quality control.
• Specificity: Each primer pair detects a specific product and guarantees the best specificity.
• Reproducibility: You can obtain reliable and reproducible qPCR results with our products.
• Fast and easy manipulated
Store at -20°C & keep away from light. When stored as directed, the product is stable for at least one year. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

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